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Greenlee County, Arizona borders New Mexico.

If you or your friends are looking for a home with horse property in a small town in Arizona, I have a lovely option for you –

This 3-bedroom home with Rammed Earth Walls – Will save you $$ long-term on your energy bill.

AND the private well provides you plenty of water for gardening, orchards, and MORE!

Located on 5 Acres of Horse Property with the Gila River Flowing through, you’re going to love it HERE –

Here Are 5 Reasons Why This May Be the Home of Your Dreams

1. Earth Rammed WallsHomes for Sale Near Graham County

What Are the Benefits of Rammed Earth Walls?

Rammed Earth Walls are created by filling a plywood form full of compacted dirt, giving you a thicker, more insulated wall.

This makes it just as thick as concrete!

As you can imagine – this saves you energy long-term, because this maximizes the home’s natural heating and cooling capacity.

And this isn’t the only way this home is energy efficient…Homes for Sale Near Silver City New Mexico

2. Perfect Orientation – For MORE Energy Efficiency

In Arizona, the orientation of your home matters! Perhaps much more than other states…

This home was built to maintain a moderate temperature all year round!

3. Your Own Private Well

If you’ve ever had to pay for metered water – you know how expensive it can be to grow a garden, or even have a lawn! – in Arizona.

Homes for Sale Near Silver City

Having your own private well on Five Acres means…

Anything is Possible!

Want an orchard?

Need to water the livestock?

Or plant a simple garden…

This private well will provide plenty of water for ALL these projects.

This home really is the perfect homestead!

4. The Gila River Flows Through Your Backyard

Homes for Sale in Greenlee County

Would you like to enjoy sitting on the riverbank while reading a book?

Or maybe catch a frog, or two?

Enjoying the river in your backyard – it’s the perfect, picturesque, lifestyle for your country living.

Look at the photos!

Isn’t it lovely?

5. FIVE Acres – To raise horses, food, and family!

What are your goals and dreams?  Do they involve building shops and barns on your property?

Or raising horses or cattle?

Perhaps an orchard and a garden?

Five Acres can give you a lot of flexibility!

Location: Fairgrounds Rd, Duncan, AZ 85534

Asking Price:  $295,000

Sound Lovely, Yet Looking to Build?

And good news!  Perhaps you fall in love with the area yet aren’t too sure of the home.  Would you like to build?

This property has two adjoining lots, both located on the banks of the Gila River, close to the road, ready for utilities!

Tract #1

Homes for Sale Near Silver City New MexicoAt a prime location with beautiful views, Tract #1 is another 5 Acres you can enjoy raising horses, building shops and barns, or growing your garden.

This corner lot also has the Gila River running through your backyard.

Here are few additional benefits:

  • All Utilities at or Near Property Lines

  • Sewer to PropertyHomes for Sale Near Silver City New Mexico

  • Paved Road Frontage

  • Powerline and Natural Gas to Property

  • Horse Property

  • 5 Acres

Location:  Tract 1, Fairgrounds Rd, Duncan AZ, 85534

Asking Price:  $59,000

Tract #3

With 3½ + Acres of beautiful views, this riverside property is also zoned as residential and horse property.

With the same benefits of the last – the beautiful view of the Gila River flowing through, and plenty of space to make all your dreams come true!

  • All Utilities at or Near PropertyHomes for sale near Graham and Greenlee County Lines

  • Sewer to Property

  • Paved Road Frontage

  • Powerline and Natural Gas to Property

  • Horse Property

  • 5 Acres

Location:  Tract 3, Fairgrounds Rd, Duncan, AZ 85534

Asking Price: $49,000

Sound like a dream come true?  Let’s chat!

Schedule a tour TODAY!

Mitchell Beals Your Five Star Real Estate AgentMitchell Beals is a Real Estate Agent with Tierra Antigua Realty.

Broker Tierra Antigua RealtyHe has 20 + years of experience overseeing the building of quality, energy-efficient homes.  With experience in home buying and selling, in both Graham and Greenlee Counties, he’s a great fit for your next Real Estate Goal.  He loves assisting families – to achieve homeownership.  Because you deserve the home of your dreams!

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